Carroll Leggett, Public Relations Consultant

This is the fourth interview in our continued dinner conversations with the stars of our 2016 Campaign Film “#Jointhetable”

carroll hatWhat do you do for a living?  Public Relations/Public Affairs

Where are you from?  Buies Creek, NC

What did you study in college?  English undergrad.  Law.

Were either of your parents artists?  No

Why do you donate to the arts?  The arts are so very important to quality of life and are a great force for bringing people together and creating community.

When you have guests in town, where do you take them?  Reynolda House, Old Salem, walking tour of Fourth Street and the Arts District , my favorite restaurants, best scheduled performances.

Describe your most transcendent art experience.  Organ dedication concert in the newly built Campbell University Chapel which has one of the most beautiful stained glass windows of modern design that I have ever seen. Splendid organ, amazing organist,  and Carolina Brass.  Glorious.

What do you plan to do when you retire?  Food hobbyist and freelance writer.  That should carry me through.

If you could change one thing about the time you spent in your twenties, what would it be?  Failure to accept an invitation to go to Washington for JFK’s funeral.  Great regret.

If you could put your own dream dinner party together in Winston-Salem, who would be at the table?  Way too many people to get around one table.  My old friend Margaret Tyler once said to me, “I can tolerate most anything at this point in my life except “bad company.”  It would be an eclectic group, many of whom would not seem to have much in common, but interesting and not afraid to speak their minds. But, I assure you,  none who would  fall into the category of “bad company.”

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