Targeted Initiatives

As part of The Arts Council’s commitment to uphold and encourage our reputation as a community rooted in arts and innovation, we have developed Targeted Initiatives that address greater community needs and opportunities through the arts and, in turn, impress the arts and culture as a vital part of our community’s success.

These initiatives are specifically designed to encourage new creative endeavors, provide greater access to the arts for everyone in our community, and foster innovative solutions to community needs.  As such, The Arts Council will work collaboratively with successful recipients to provide oversight and support to ensure the success and impact of the program or project.

Creative Ventures Fund:  Enabling artists and creative entrepreneurs to launch new opportunities and building a working environment conducive to creative-industry innovation

Art in Unexpected Places:  Promoting creative placemaking and creating greater access to the arts by bringing programs out of more traditional venues and into welcoming public spaces

Early Learning and After-school Enrichment:  Making Forsyth County a leader in accessible arts-enrichment for youth by expanding our arts education program to reach young children (birth to age five) and students beyond the public school classroom.

Novant Health Arts and Healing Program:  Supporting creative arts and cultural experiences for patients and members of our community that create measurable improvements in their health and wellness.

Eligibility and Requirements:

Triad-based non-profit organizations, businesses, individuals, or unaffiliated groups are eligible to apply for projects or programs to take place in Forsyth County.

Recipients must demonstrate their commitment to the project or program by matching Arts Council funding dollar-for-dollar. In-kind services are accepted as matching funds.

Request for Proposal Process and Timeline:

PRELIMINARY PROPOSAL: In one page or less, please respond to the following about your project/program:

  1. Provide a brief overview of your proposed project or program and its location(s) within Forsyth County
  2. What resources are committed to and will ensure the success of the project or program (partnerships, personnel, volunteer, budgetary, marketing, sponsorships, etc.)?
  3. What impact do you hope to have on the community or members of the community as a result of the project or program? How will you measure its success?
  4. Describe your target audience or who will be served through the project or program

Submissions: Proposals are due on a rolling basis and should be emailed to We will contact you with additional questions about your application, and may request that proposals be resubmitted with additional questions clarified.

Questions: Contact Dara Silver, Grant Program Manager, or 336-747-1426

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