Public Art

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County recognizes that we must actively work to embody our City’s motto, the City of Arts & Innovation, by producing, partnering, and sponsoring temporary and public art projects in our community.  With the help of local interns we assist in the ongoing cataloging of public art within Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.  In addition, Arts Council staff actively serve on committees of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Art Commission.

If you have a question about public art or you are interested facilitating a public art project, please contact Dara Silver, Special Projects Manager, at (336) 747-1426 or


Explore Our Public Art Projects:

Particle Falls by Andrea Polli (2018)

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County in partnership with the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center and Clean Air Carolina sponsored a multi-story public art light installation in downtown Winston-Salem February 22  – March 24, 2018.  The installation created by artist Andrea Polli is an animated, colorful light projection that will reflect real-time air quality on West 4th Street using a scientific air monitoring device, specialized computer software, and a high-powered light projector.  Colored lights projected on the eight-story, west wall of the Stevens Center represent the amount of harmful particle pollution in the air at any given moment.


ArtPop: Art + Public Outdoor Project (2016, 2017)

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County launched the ArtPop project in April of 2016 by promoting local artists’ original works through the use of donated outdoor advertising space. Five works were chosen to appear on billboards on major arteries in a 13-county region as space becomes available on billboards owned by Fairway Outdoor Advertising.



Domestic Violence Community Mural (2017)

In October 2017, family and individuals of all ages were invited to join artist Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet in creating an outdoor mural at The Arts Council Theatre that raises awareness about Domestic Violence and Abuse and the importance of creating a community in which all people live free from the threat of violence.  The event was organized by The Arts Council, a collaborator with Family Services.




14th Street Community Mural by Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet & Donnell Williams (2016)

­The East/Northeast Winston Neighborhood Association received an Arts Council Community Enrichment Mini-Grant to work with artists Donnell Williams and Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet on the 14th Street mural.  The mural celebrates the rich African-American heritage of the neighborhood.




Authoring Action’s The Word Wall (2011)

Authoring Action, a youth arts organization, worked with local artist Jan Detter to create “The Word Wall” located on the outdoor wall of Mary’s Gourmet Diner.  Authoring Action teen authors created the prose that adorns the interactive mosaic work.  Viewers can dial the number XXX to hear how the teens made the wall.  This project was funded by an Arts Council Innovative Project Grant.



Frequent Reactance by Jimmy O’Neal (2010)

The installation on The Arts Council’s lobby wall in the Hanesbrands Theatre employs artist Jimmy O’Neal’s (Asheville, NC) trademarked metallic paint applied to acrylic panels and the design incorporates the cymatics – the study of visible sound and vibration, typically on the surface of a plate diaphragm, or membrane of the performance space.  This piece was made possible by a generous gift from Libby and Penny Booke.



North Carolina Wind by Kyungmi Shin (2010)

The floor mosaic located in The Arts Council’s Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts was made by artist Kyungmi Shin and inspired by the historical hurricane maps of North Carolina.  The dynamic movement in the lines serves as a metaphor for creative energy reflective in the Center’s activities, as well as, the connections shared between people, communities, and lives that intersect here.  The installation was made possible by a generous gift from Peggy Reingold and Allen Joines.



Artiva Program (1995-2001)

The Arts Council in partnership with the City of Winston-Salem’s Workforce Development Office and the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools created an art apprenticeship and job-training program, Artiva,that provided meaningful summer employment and educational opportunities for artists and young people and in Forsyth County aged 14-21.  Between 1995-2001, the program worked with over 300 youth and produced 18 pieces of public art including fabric, mosaic, stained glass, and murals.

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